Friends with Benefits: Meghan and Mark Get a Life by Mark Davis


 When Meghan and I decided to get hitched, we did not anticipate the amount of time and energy which went into planning. Everyone thinks they know how to throw a party until they actually have to throw a party. It involves accommodating many different groups of friends and family with different tastes, preferences, backgrounds, and needs. Oh, and by the way everyone needs a place to sleep.                                                                                 

Through numerous phone calls, on-site visits, and weighing decisions together to compromise on some elements of what we had originally planned, our wedding at Mendocino Magic September 2017 turned out perfect. Going through the planning process actually can be the defining moment of whether or not a couple is truly compatible. The challenges presented were met with grace by Mackenzie and the team of support staff whose help we could not have pulled this momentous event off without.                 

The most important thing I would suggest for couples looking to get married consider: if you have time but a limited budget, consider helping the venue with their needs when possible as part of your payment. We didn’t have this option with other venues, so when Mackenzie offered a discount in exchange for “sweat equity”. In the months leading up to our wedding weekend we helped where we could. If it was bringing supplies up from the bay area for the facility when it needed a ride (a waffle maker and some discounted flooring from Urban Ore, the reuse ecopark in the east bay), or supporting Mackenzie with larger events to transport other guests on site for the annual Perseid’s Meteor Shower campout , not only did we get to enjoy the property throughout the summer, we truly felt our energy was put to excellent use and we were able to escape the confines of our city lives for a day or two and enjoy simply being in a change of scenery and being a part of something exciting, constructively challenging and new to us.    

Bar none, Mendocino Magic is my favorite place for events, camping, relaxing, and festivities. I love this place, and Mackenzie makes the experience so easy and happy every time. When Meghan and I decided to get married, this place stood head and shoulders above the rest. People are always going on about what a hassle wedding planning is, but even the bit of work that we did for it was so much fun! I guarantee you won’t find a better place to have your event than Mendocino Magic. We have loved meeting and getting to know the place and will continue to come back to contribute to this growing community of amazing people.