This world is changing whether we want it to or not, and places like Mendocino Magic are becoming the destinations we desire as humans in order to satisfy the primal urge to return to the outside and renew our spirits. Fires rip through these increasingly dry lands every year, landslides will change the way the rivers and streams flow, and water will never be the same again. Air quality continues to deteriorate in the face of rapidly expanding development into the wild lands of North America and beyond. We know the change, we have seen it starting.

It is increasingly important to continue bringing our children, friends and families into the great outdoors to have conversations about conservation. Since 2015 Mendocino Magic has pledged to get more people outside and with the help of, our voice has been heard far and wide with hundreds of campers who have experienced this place with us.

The most critical conversation we have here at Mendocino Magic is about the future. In recent years more landowners are being encouraged to leave areas otherwise untouched, either by choice or financial incentive, so that our wild and untamed areas around the world can stay that way. Working with the local Inland Mendocino County Land Trust, our long term goals for minimizing development on site while the community grows are ecologically balanced and verified by a third party.

We host campers year round here, which means four seasons of environmental educational opportunities for guests on site as well as four seasons of simply encouraging guests to find themselves outside. With support from the growing community of people who have fallen in love with the Magic, we have moved forward with this former logging camp into a beautiful new future. We hope that over time this notion of consciousness embraced here can guide the next generation of environmental stewards.

“A Letter To Congress” provided by Hipcamp and Avocados & Coconuts. Check out the video above with full volume to hear Wallace Stegners 1960 letter to congress here:


Learn, Live, Grow

Visit us at Mendocino Magic for a campout or private event and come away with a wholly unique outdoor experience. Take a conservation hike with us any time of year, in any weather! Learn about intentional communities, permaculture, aquaculture, the impacts of the logging industry, Leave No Trace principles, and the history and future of the environmental movement.

We want our guests to leave here with a renewed sense of responsibility for protecting the world around us. Our growing community of visitors are able to take some of the principles gleaned here back home with them, inspiring people to live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle when they return to their lives away from the Magic (until their next return!).

Write to to learn more about how you can feature a conservation hike with us during your stay.