Fires & Smoking







Event Deposits & Payment

1. All Fires Must Be Supervised at ALL times.  if someone starts or is monitoring a fire in an approved fire pit, do not walk more than 10 feet away.

2. Supervision must be competent.  an intoxicated adult is less suitable to monitor a fire than a sober 14 year old with proper instructions.

3. NO reconstruction of Fire Rings, moving of rocks, or fires in non-fire rings. only have fires and smoking where designated.

4. Have a Rake and Full Water Bucket. do not start a fire without a plan for putting it out. Return the bucket to campsite with water for the next guest.

5. ALL Coals must be extinguished before bedtime. do not plan to fall asleep before putting out your fire INCLUDING any coals, ever.

Deposits for Private Events (weddings, campouts of 30 or more people) are 50% of total owed, due at time of signing in order to hold the date on the calendar.

Event Deposits are non-refundable; guests have the option to transfer the date of their event to another date within the same season (ie it must fall before the October 15th close of season date).

Outstanding 50% of balance owed due 4 months before event start date and 2 months before event date in 2 installments of 25%. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, direct deposit transaction, credit card, venmo or google cash.


No cancellations due to inclement weather, no exceptions.

Campouts and events can cancel up to 2 weeks in advance for transfer of event date to new date within the same event season. Cancellations are at the discretion of the event holder but property management reserves the right to cancel the event should hosts/ organizers fail to comply with standard operating procedures for Mendocino Magic.

Season Dates







Leave No Trace & Waste Management Practices

Summer Season is May 15th- October 14th on any given year; these dates depend on the first and last storms of the winter season. There are no guarantees for changes in weather patterns particularly near the beginning and end of season. Inland temperatures range from 50-100 degrees during a given summer season day, with drops after sundown due to our elevation of 1900 feet.

Winter Season is October 16th- May 14th on any given year; these dates depend on the last and first storms of the season. Guests booking events near the closing and opening of the seasons take into account the possibility of inclement weather in making their reservation. Temperatures range from the 30s (in December through early February there is frost and light snow) to the 70s during a given winter day, with drops after sundown due to elevation of 1900 feet.

Campers must pack out their garbage or pay a fee for management to haul sorted garbage. You can help by using the labeled recycling and compost bins, following instructions, and minimizing your waste. We embrace the Leave No Trace Principles listed below, and request our guests comply with the same respect for the great outdoors. For events with a planned cleanup, note local facility located at 1825 Branscomb Road in Laytonville operates Wednesday to Sunday 10am to 4pm, refuse bags are $15 each to dump, CA CRV and sorting of recycling mandatory to minimize costs for hauling.

1. Plan Ahead & Prepare Have an accurate headcount; prepare enough food but minimize waste; ask questions and know the rules; check the weather.

2. Travel & Camp on Durable Surfaces Our accommodations are created for your enjoyment; do not make new campsites; always stay on trails.

3. Dispose of Waste Properly Recycling sorting stations available at the lanai; Pitch in, do not litter; Be responsible for you, your party, your pets.

4. Leave What You Find Do not collect any souvenirs during your stay, includes rocks, arrowheads, any animals. Catch & Release fishing only.

5. Minimize Campfire Impacts Re-Emphasizing the fire rules listed above, please clean up your fire area after cooking & use.

6. Respect Wildlife Lots of wildlife lives here year-round in harmony guests. Stay on the trails and aware of your surroundings.

7. Be Considerate of Other Visitors Many guests are able to enjoy Mendocino Magic at the same time if we all respect each other’s campsite spaces, share use of the reservoir, boats and docks, keep voices low unless you are calling for help, and respect quiet hours between 10pm and 8am unless alternative agreements with management have been made.